Get Involved in National Women’s Health Month

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We all have an important woman in our lives. What would happen if their health was not so great? We would want to help by showing support to better their health and to get screenings for diseases. This May, make sure to empower your female favorites to make their health a priority.

5 Ways to Get Involved in National Women’s Health Month

Whether it is your mother or your girlfriend, the health of your favorite women is important. May is National Women’s Health Month, and it is a time to ensure good health from common gynecological problems. Are you unsure how to get involved? Discover how to be proactive for gynecological health.

1. National women’s checkup day

On the second Monday in May, be sure to remind all of your female family and friends to schedule an appointment with your gynecologist or schedule their next mammogram. After you have your appointment set, let your friends know on social media that you celebrated by using the hashtag, #WomensCheckupDay. Try to be creative so that you can bring more attention to celebrating women’s health.

2. Discover your health style

Take the National Women’s Health Month quiz to find out your health style. Once you get your results, share them online using the hashtag, #NWHM

3. Organize a walk during lunch

If your female coworkers want to find a way to celebrate National Women’s Health Month, plan a walk during lunch to be more active even when you’re working. This could be a great way to get to know your coworkers more and promote a healthier life.

4. Host a healthy cooking class

Gather all your gal pals and show them that you care about their health by hosting a healthy cooking class on the weekend. This is a great way to promote a healthier lifestyle with your friends.

5. Hold a friendly competition

Create a month competition with your girls that tracks your steps, water intake, or gym attendance. The one with the best results at the end of the month can receive a prize, like a spa day.

Planning Your Hysterectomy for National Women’s Health Month?

Considering a hysterectomy for Women’s Health Month? This May, be sure to get a checkup at the Nevada Surgery and Cancer Center! Dr. Lynn D. Kowalski, M.D., Facog, Facs focuses on providing hysterectomies with minimal invasion. Visit us today!


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