What Can and Can’t You Do after Your Hysterectomy

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Your hysterectomy procedure was successful, and you are now in recovery. You are feeling good and are recovering well. You feel confident to resume your regular routines. But there are things you can and can’t do after a hysterectomy.

3 Dos and Don’ts After Your Hysterectomy

Your hysterectomy is over. You are now in recovery time and are wondering what your hysterectomy aftercare will be. Depending on the type of surgical procedure, the recovery time for a hysterectomy is as little as two weeks. You will have some limitations during your recovery time.

1. Do: walk around

As soon as your doctor gives you the okay, start walking around. This is good for the prevention of blood clots from forming in your legs.

2. Don’t: your regular workout routine

Your doctor will provide you with the specific physical activities that you will be able to after your procedure. If your recovery is within two weeks, you will be able to do more light exercise.

3. Do: maintain your wound

Try to maintain your wound clean and dry. Wash your wound everyday with a mild soap and warm water. Be sure to rinse thoroughly and pat dry. Stay alert for any redness, swelling, and drainage from the area and contact your doctor if you do.

4. Don’t: take baths

It may take up to 4 weeks for you to be able to submerge in a bath. If you are taking showers, be sure to let the water run over your wound and not have direct water hit it.

5. Do: take a nap if necessary

The procedure may induce tiredness so feel free to take a nap if needed. Rest is a great way to recover from the procedure.

6. Don’t: regular sexual activity

You may discuss sexual activity with your doctor during your first checkup after the surgery. A good rule of thumb to consider is that there shouldn’t be anything in the vagina for 8 weeks. This includes any feminine products that are inserted, such as tampons and douches.

Recovery in No Time

Dr. Lynn D. Kowalski, M.D., Facog, Facs uses a minimal invasive procedure for hysterectomy. Visit Nevada Surgery and Cancer Center for your hysterectomy today!

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