5 Early Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer

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Ovarian cancer is the number one threat to women’s health due to women finding out they have it in the late stages of cancer. Women will not see or feel the signs of ovarian cancer until it is too late. Ovarian cancer awareness is very important, and there are several warning signs to look out for cancer prevention.

5 Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian cancer is known as the “Silent Killer” and can kill 1 in 70 women in the US. This is a major threat to women’s health. It still doesn’t have a reliable screening test, so it is very important to read the signs and visit a doctor to start prevention.

1. Painful sexual activity

If your sexual activity has been pain-free and has recently become very painful, consult with your doctor to try to find the reason for the pain. Most situations could be due to lubrication, but it would be better to be certain that it isn’t anything serious.

2. Urgent frequency in urination

Most women frequent the bathroom due to a urinary tract infection or a weak pelvic floor. Those symptoms can be cured with proper medication or kegel exercises. If you believe that it is abnormal, consider asking your doctor if it is something more serious.

3. Fatigue

You usually have energy throughout the day, but if you suddenly are constantly tired, ask your doctor if it is something more serious affecting you.

4. Increased size in abdomen

Abdominal bloating can usually be experienced before or during your menstrual cycle. Experiencing bloating and sudden increase in hip and waist size, talk with your doctor to see if verify that you are not experiencing signs of ovarian cancer

5. Loss of appetite or sudden fullness after eating

Consider talking with your doctor if you have a sudden loss of appetite that you had never experienced before. Consult them as well if you get full with eating small amounts. This could be something more serious that your body is trying to tell you.

Consult the Doctors at the Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care

If you are experiencing signs, remember that there isn’t a screening test for ovarian cancer. It is better to know than to wait too long before you start seeing more drastic symptoms. Consult with the doctors at the Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care so that you can be sure you are cancer-free. Schedule a consultation today!


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