At What Age Can I Get Femilift?

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Women are not all the same. Young and old, women suffer from vaginal problems such as vaginal lubrication and vaginal pain. Vaginal rejuvenation procedures vary from age to age and some can not be done on women of a certain age, such as younger than 40 or 50. The age for someone to get the Femilift procedure will vary, but it can be done after childbirth. Do not let vaginal problems keep you at any age from enjoying sexual intimacy.

What’s the Right Age for Femilift Procedure?

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to vaginal problems. They can occur to women at any age after they have given childbirth. This will keep women from enjoying sexual intimacy with their partner.

Consider the situation

If you are a young woman that has given birth and have started experiencing vaginal problems, you are able to get the vaginal rejuvenation procedure of Femilift. If menopause has started to affect your sexual intimacy now in your later life, you are also a great candidate for the Femilift. Femilift can also be beneficial for women who suffer from urinary incontinence to prevent loss of urine due to laughing or coughing. This procedure can help with vaginal lubrication and elasticity in women that have gone through childbirth and menopause.

Get your sexual intimacy back

Femilift uses a high-precision laser to apply thermal energy that revitalizes vaginal mucosa. It involves inserting a probe with a 360-degree rotation capability in the vagina. This will make a tightening and lubricating effect. This minimally invasive procedure only takes five minutes and the results are immediate. This procedure doesn’t require any anesthesia or surgery and the treatment is painless.

We Will Walk You through the Procedure

Minimally invasive but done with great care. Dr. Lynn Kowalski will walk you through the whole procedure and will get you back to feeling confident again. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Kowalski today!


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