Secrets to Sexual Pleasure Later in Life

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When you’ve been with your partner for a long time, sex may not be the number one priority. With having your children grow up and leaving the nest, this is the opportunity to explore your intimacy again. You have more alone time and more free time to go on more dates and have more sexual intimacy.

How can you prepare to become sexually active later on in life? Sexual intimacy is not something to brush off just because you’ve reached a certain age. Sexuality in later life can be possible and there are procedures, such as Femilift, that can help boost your sexuality with your partner.

How to Have Sexual Pleasure Later in Life

Get back to the intimacy levels you had with your significant other before you had your wonderful children and were getting to know each other. Feel young again with your partner like it is the first time again.

Talk to your doctor

If you are both looking to have more sexual pleasure, visit your doctor to ask if you are both healthy enough. Your doctor can let you know if you have any health conditions that could cause sexual problems. Common causes for sexual problems are:

  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Incontinence

If you have any of these conditions, your doctor will recommend certain medication to help with your sexual intimacy.

Rejuvenation for pleasure

If you feel that you lack vaginal lubrication or experience pain during sexual intercourse, there are vaginal rejuvenation procedures that could help you. Procedures, such as Femilift, are minimally invasive and require no down time. This means you can get back to your love and explore each other again right away.

Feel Sexy Again with Femilift

Get back to the sexy you with the minimally invasive Femilift procedure. Dr. Lynn Kowalski, MD will walk you through your whole procedure and you will get back to sexual intimacy that same day. Schedule a consultation with us today!



Femilift vs Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

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You may have become self-conscious of your lady parts and have begun considering a vaginal rejuvenation procedure. You want to feel confident and enjoy your sexual experiences instead of being in pain. But you also want to have a quick procedure where you will feel confident in a quick vaginal rejuvenation recovery time. So which procedure do you choose: vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, or Femilift?

How Femilift Beats out Other Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures

If you are considering a vaginal rejuvenation procedure, there will be so many to choose from. Femilift is a cut above the rest when it comes to an innovative procedure that works with quick results.

Quick procedure

Femilift has a quick five-minute procedure that can be done in an office and within an hour, the procedure is complete. With other vaginal rejuvenation procedures, such as labiaplasty, you will have a surgical procedure that takes time and has some recovery time.

No recovery time

Because Femilift is such a quick procedure, there is practically no recovery time. Other vaginal rejuvenation procedures will require that you ice the incision and let your activities for 72 hours. With Femilift, you are able to complete the procedure and get back to your life.

No anesthesia required

Most vaginal rejuvenation procedures will require you to be under anesthesia in order to complete the procedure. With Femilift, you will not need to be under anesthesia and won’t even be prescribed medication after the procedure is completed.

Results from Femilift

With the Femilift procedure, you will experience the following results afterward:

  • Renewed sex life
  • Improved vaginal sensation
  • Bladder control
  • Vaginal lubrication
  • In some cases, complete reversal of incontinence

Regain Your Confidence within Minutes with Femilift

Dr. Lynn Kowalski uses the minimally invasive procedure that she will walk you through and will have you up and ready within minutes. Consider Femilift for your vaginal rejuvenation procedure. Schedule an appointment with us today!

Introduce a Whole New You This Spring with Femilift Procedure

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The flowers begin to blossom in the spring from the winter chill. The bees are buzzing around, and everything is lively and bright. If you feel that you are not blooming due to pregnancy, menopause, or other factors, consider the benefits of the Femilift procedure, such as vaginal tightening and lubrication.

Rejuvenate a New You This Spring with Femilift

Pregnancy and menopause can bring some vaginal complications that can give you a lack of confidence and low sex drive. Femilift can be your answer to your lack of sex drive and vaginal lubrication. Vaginal tightening can not only be beneficial for sexual needs but also if you suffer from sudden urinary problems. Femilift will be able to help you blossom this spring.

What is the procedure?

Femilift is a minimally invasive procedure that takes as little as five minutes to complete. The procedure will take place in an office and doesn’t even require any anesthesia. Many vaginal rejuvenation procedures take anesthesia and recovery time. Most patients don’t have any downtime after the procedure is done, making it easy for you to continue on in your life.

Benefits of the Femilift procedure

Femilift is not only an easy procedure, but you will feel the results rapidly. Some of the results from the vaginal rejuvenation of Femilift are:

  • Renewed sex life
  • Vaginal lubrication
  • Improved vaginal sensation
  • In some cases, complete reversal of incontinence

Women are able to get their confidence back after the quick procedure. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel yourself bloom again? Femilift can help you with blooming freely this spring.

Blossom into a New You This Spring with Femilift

Don’t let your menopause or pregnancy keep you from being confident. Vaginal rejuvenation with Femilift can bring you a new you this spring. Dr. Lynn Kowalski will guide you through the quick procedure so that you can quickly get back to the confident you. Visit Dr. Lynn Kowalski to schedule your Femilift procedure today!

Weird Things No One Tells You after Childbirth

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Everyone will always give you advice on what to do to have a smooth nine-month pregnancy, but do they ever give you advice for handling what happens after you give birth? A new mom may not be prepared for the after childbirth body changes that occur to them. If you are about to give birth or you just gave birth, here are some things that people tend to leave out when giving you pregnancy advice.

The Weird Things No One Tells You after Childbirth

Yes, bearing a child is a miraculous event in a woman’s life but there isn’t any that tells you about what happens after the nine months of carrying your baby. The body of a new mommy will go through so many changes that they may have never imagined would happen to them. Here are some examples of changes that mommies to be should look forward to once their bundle of joy is born.

Bye, bye lush hair

While you were pregnant, you may have experienced strong nails and hair growth due to your prenatal vitamins. But once your baby is born, get ready to shed more than your housecat. During your pregnancy, your estrogen levels were high and that prolonged the hair from falling out. Now that the hormone levels are returning to their normal levels, the hair shedding is returning to its normal rate and in six months, your hair loss and growth will return to the same rate it was before you were pregnant.

No, your hair loss will not result in you becoming bald, so there is no need for you to rush out to buy a wig soon. It is something that is normal for a new mommy.

Try these cures to help with the hair loss:

  • Choose Organic: When looking for shampoo and conditioner, read the labels first and try to buy shampoo and conditioners that contain fewer chemicals and contain organic ingredients that can strengthen your hair and not strip it of its natural oils.
  • Take some vitamins: Getting Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin C in your diet is a great way to reduce hair loss. Orange Juice anyone?
  • Herbal Solutions: Try getting Aloe Vera onto your scalp to help with the hair loss. Another good herb to apply to your scalp is Amla powder, which is also known as the Indian gooseberry.

You will still look pregnant, even days after giving birth

Sure, celebrities make it look so easy when they have given birth one day, and the next day, their bodies are back to the way they were before they were pregnant. For real world moms, it may take some time to get back to your normal body shape. The abdominal muscles are in the beginning stages of going back to the original size, which can take some time after giving birth. It is good to remember not to rush back into the gym after giving birth, give yourself six weeks after you gave birth to head back into your regular workout routine. Try these workouts when you are ready to get your baby weight off.

You may never be normal down there again

The area that is hit the hardest after your child is born is, of course, your vaginal region. If you went through giving birth naturally and not a C-section procedure, your vagina would have some damage even after giving birth.

Here are some examples of what happen after childbirth:

  • Your vagina will be larger at first, but it will return to its normal muscle strength after some time.
  • You will experience vaginal gas more frequently than you did before.
  • You will lose lubrication in your vagina when you begin to have sex again.

There are solutions to help with these vaginal effects after childbirth. One solution is the FemiLift, a quick and pain-free procedure that uses high-precision Alma CO2 laser to apply thermal energy to the vagina and assists in vaginal mucosa revitalization, resulting in a tightening and lubricating effect. It takes about five minutes and doesn’t require anesthesia!

Ready to Give FemiLift a Try?

Dr. Lynn D. Kowalski, M.D., Facog, Facs is one of the first gynecologists to use FemiLift in Southern Nevada. Interested in trying this painless procedure? Visit Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care to learn more about the FemiLift and other services that they provide! Don’t let the pain keep you from enjoying again, try FemiLift today!

What Makes the FemiLift Procedure So Fast and Easy?

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Something is lighting up the vaginal rejuvenation industry. No, we mean literally lighting up. Lasers are becoming the go-to treatment option for women experiencing negative side effects of aging, childbirth, and obesity down under. FemiLift benefits are extensive. But even better, the procedure itself is fast and easy. Discover why this non-surgical, anaesthesia and downtime-free procedure is sweeping into several women’s bedrooms.

FemiLift Benefits: Fast and Easy

Non-invasive, non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation

Several vaginal rejuvenation and FemiLift doctors agree that the only way to get better results from your procedure is to go under an intense surgery. A non-invasive procedure means doctors don’t cut into your body. As you know, incisions leave you open to the femilift-benefits-couple-on-bikepossibility of dangerous infections. Fortunately, however, since doctors insert a CO2 laser directly into the vaginal cavity, FemiLift side effects do not include a high risk of infection.

The only safer alternative is a pill dubbed the “female viagra.” However, the pill has not been proven to revitalize female sexual arousal or strengthen the pelvic floor. It’s important to remember, not all women seeking vaginal rejuvenation are simply looking to improve their sex lives. In fact, 25% of women experience weak pelvic floors resulting in urinary incontinence, uncomfortable muscle spasms, and more.

No use of anaesthesia

FemiLift doctors don’t administer anesthetic because the procedure is pain-free and does not involve incisions. Not all vaginal rejuvenation in Las Vegas or anywhere can promise that. Anaesthesia presents another set of potentially dangerous side effects. FemiLift benefits patients by eliminating the unnecessary cost and safety hazards of anesthetic.

Return to regular activity after your treatment

FemiLift benefits clients who are on a tight schedule. Women can have their FemiLift vaginal rejuvenation in Las Vegas done during their lunch break from work. The procedure is about five minutes long and since it doesn’t involve anesthesia or incisions, you’re free to go about your day afterward. Several FemiLift testimonials point to the discrete nature of the procedure as one of their favorite qualities.

FemiLift Vaginal Rejuvenation in Las Vegas

Are you ready to spice up your sex life? Contact Dr. Lynn Kowalski for a consultation regarding the FemiLift procedure.

FemiLift Treatment for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction [Infographic]

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Women feel embarrassed talking about urinary incontinence and painful sexual intercourse caused by pelvic floor dysfunction. But did you know nearly a quarter of women age 40 and up are experiencing the same thing? Pelvic floor dysfunction exercises can help in less extreme cases, others might opt for painful pelvic floor dysfunction treatment surgery. Alas, there is another option! Las Vegas FemiLift treatments have improved pelvic floor function in about 97% of women. Don’t believe us? We’ll let the numbers do the talking.


Body Mass Index and Urinary Incontinence

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Did you know an unhealthy body mass index is linked to urinary incontinence? It’s true. Factors like age, childbirth, and pelvic trauma aggravate the condition even further. Doctors studying BMI effects on the body aren’t sure how urinary incontinence strongly connects, but they do know there is hope. Reversing effects of obesity on the body takes lifestyle changes, and a little help from physicians specialized in vaginal rejuvenation.

BMI Effects on Urinary Incontinence

Difference between stress and urge incontinencebmi-effects-on-body-scale

The urge to urinate doesn’t start making you feel uncomfortable until the bladder is about half full. In a healthy urinary system, when the bladder expands, the nerves give the green light to detrusor muscles and the pelvic floor to relax. During voluntary urination, the external sphincter opens up when you decide to visit the restroom. Any interruption of this process is known as urinary incontinence.

Stress incontinence is most common in women after traumatic events (birth, sexual trauma, menopause, etc.) damage the pelvic floor. Uncontrollable urine release takes place when your abdomen is under stress. This isn’t limited to strenuous exercise. Women experience stress urinating from coughing, laughing, or sneezing.

Urge incontinence is characterized by a sudden need to “go.” Urine spontaneously leaks from the body before you have time to find the nearest loo.

Effects of obesity on the body

While researchers still don’t know the exact BMI effects on the body and its urinary system, they do know obesity increases the change of urinary incontinence. The following effects of obesity on the body provoke involuntary urination:

  • Abdominal pressure
  • Reduced sensitivity to nerve signals
  • Diabetes, especially those who are insulin dependent
  • Constipation

Psychological effects of obesity like depression are more common in those who experience negative conditions like urinary incontinence.

Treating urinary incontinence from BMI effects on the body

Many women experience weakened pelvic floors leading to urinary incontinence. The condition is treatable and nothing to be embarrassed about. If your involuntary bodily functions are related to obesity, it’s important to lose weight on top of treatments. Studies show 46% of women experiencing urinary incontinence saw an improvement after losing three pounds.

Other treatment options include:

The FemiLift procedure is the least invasive option for urinary incontinence. It also offers other benefits like increased vaginal lubrication.

Seeking Treatment for Urinary Incontinence?

Are you still on the fence about what treatment option is best for you? Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lynn Kowalski and discuss your options with one of our experienced physicians.