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Screening Time: How to Screen Yourself for Cancer

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Early detection of cancer could be the number one way to survive cancer. Finding cancer early gives doctors a chance to keep it from spreading further. It’s important to know what to look out for early on and have a doctor address any concerns you have. Screening yourself for cancer can help with finding things that may be abnormal. Self assessments, such as self breast exams, are a great way for you to take charge of preventing cancer from spreading. Early detection can help you from allowing the cancer to take over.

How You Can Screen Yourself for Cancer

Some cancers have self exams that you can perform to evaluate anything that’s abnormal or if something new has appear that wasn’t there previously.

Self exam for skin cancer

One monthly self exam you can perform will keep you mindful of signs of skin cancer. This exam involves examining your body for any new or changing marks or spots that may be precancerous. The areas of focus on the face is the nose, lips, mouth, and ears. Using a hairdryer, you can check your scalp for any changes. This exam requires that you examine every inch of your body for any skin changes that were not there the month before.

Self breast exam

Women of all ages are recommended to do a self breast exam at least once a month. These exams can help get you familiar with how your breast looks and feels. This exam helps you sense when something’s not right.

You can perform a self breast exam in the following locations:

  • In front of a mirror
  • In the shower
  • Lying down on your bed

If you feel something abnormal in your monthly exam, visit a doctor to check if it is something serious.

Comprehensive Care for Your Cancer Needs

If you detect something that is abnormal, visit the doctors at the Nevada Surgery and Cancer Care. We will help provide comprehensive counseling for your cancer needs. Schedule a consultation with us today!