FemiLift Vaginal Tightening Laser a Breakthrough for Women’s Health

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Many women across the world take up new beauty regimens as they grow older in the hopes of slowing aging. Anti-wrinkle creams, face tightening lotion, even costly collagen serums are bought for a hefty price in the hopes of keeping wrinkles and signs of aging at bay.

But what happens when the vagina ages? All over the body, skin elasticity and collagen depletion causes wrinkles and changes the makeup of our body. As women age, not only does their face lose vitality, but their vaginas as well. The muscles weaken, collagen production slows, and with the help of menopause, the body stops producing its natural lubrication. Combined with weak pelvic floor muscles, the pelvic area becomes a urinary incontinent, dry, itchy or heavy burden.

Women deal with an onslaught of symptoms, like:

  • Painful intercourse
  • Leaky bladder
  • Recurring vaginal infections
  • Itching and discomfort from friction with underwear
  • Inability to feel their partner inside them
  • Feeling loose or stretched
  • Difficult time achieving orgasm during intercourse

Many women become ashamed of these symptoms, which are brought on by childbirth and menopause. Self-conscious women may feel too embarrassed to workout, for fear of urinary incontinence, or may stop being intimate with their partner. But worst of all, women are afraid to tell their doctor they’re experiencing these sensations.

FemiLift Vaginal Tightening Laser

FemiLift’s non-invasive vaginal tightening laser corrects vaginal laxity and mild urinary incontinence. FemiLift has received praise in numerous countries, with excellent results for vaginal remodeling and tightening of vaginal walls. The vaginal tightening laser is inserted into the vagina, using thermal energy to promote collagen and tissue growth, restore natural lubrication and create a more youthful vagina.

The best part about FemiLift vaginal tightening? The entire process takes no more than 10 minutes in a doctor’s office, is painless, and has no recovery time, just a refrain from intercourse for four days.

Don’t put off talking to a doctor about your symptoms. If you are located in the Las Vegas area and suffer from urinary incontinence or feelings of looseness, contact Dr. Kowalski’s office for a consultation and see if you’re a candidate for FemiLift. To schedule a FemiLift vaginal tightening laser procedure, visit http://www.drlynnkowalski.com/.

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